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  1. luh-koala

    TVStyle - Please Help Us!

    UPDATED! Please, someone take a look =)
  2. SPEEDMETER V.3.0 STABLE - OFFICIAL VERSION! MIRROR: http://www.4shared.com/file/HixELFPZ/frontend_2.html * Chromed Version * Throttle & Gear LED working! * 2 Gears LEDs added. * Without numbers for now (not useful). * Better oppacity This is a official version. I don't plan to change it for now, saving for bugs or some genial design argument. =) All the leds working, finally =) And the gears are better now =) (more visible, but smaller) When the time comes, i back with a black gears set. Anyone here knows well of 3d modeling? I'm starting to look the boxes now ^^. ---------------------------------- * Clear Fonts/Better chrome effects. * Added RPM Meter with fixed textures. (Green/Yellow/Orange/Red) * Fixed Alias. - Added Gears graphics (Black Set for non colorful minds.. hehehehe) - Tweaked SpeedMeter (Gray set) - Temperature & Warn Update - Easier install. - Changed to red/orange pieces. - Sharpen border fixed. - Led view fixed. - Better texture. - Works well on darker/brighter sectors. ----------------------------- * Added Speedmeter to F1 2010 using my TVStyles Graphics. *Throttle/Break its just visual for now. OVERWRITE Folder in F1 Root. BUGS & DEVELOPMENT http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-mods/39425-tvstyles-moddev-please-help.html I'll be pleased if a experienced coder help me to make the mod true. Click here to discuss this download... RD Original Post / ModDEV:> http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-mods/39425-tvstyles-moddev-please-help.html Hey people! First of all, thanks god that u have a forum. Italian Job codes on TV Style are jewelshy on the web. Since F1 2010 opened TVStyle it's one of most waited mods. so, please help it! Hey! I started to do some stuff for a TVStyle. I don't have any advanced code skills, but i'm a good designer, and i trully want's this mod out. A modified HUD already appears, so i believe this mod can happen's easly^^. my idea centrals on this: - TVStyle on RaceStarts - TVStyle ShortMovies/Screens at Loading Screens (With Track Info) - TV Style on HUD * Positions * SpeedMeter * TrackCounter * HUD timers Since Codemaster need to write info into boxes, i developed some conceptart for a mod-starting. Modders feel free to ask more or specified artworks related to this mod. If anyone tell's me that is possible, i will continue to draw the TVStyle arts ^^ Please, be supportive, help this to became true. ------------- UPDATES: Fonts used: - Segoe UI - Calibri - Square721 BT - Dax U can download a suite with the fonts here: http://www.4shared.com/file/Nmt1CgrH/Fonts.html - Added new Artwork for: *Speedmeter *Position Screen *Weather Meter *Track Counter * Footer Positions -------------- PSD Files: All PSD are scalonable vector =) http://www.4shared.com/file/N8mermL-/F1_online.html I believe that with yr help, we can make this happen easly! Luck we all!heheheh --------------