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Cannot start rFactor

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#11 CBFR



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Inviato 28 febbraio 2008 - 01:36

Reformatted my game drive which doesn't take too long, about 4 hours to get it ready for racing. And rFactor now works after I reactivated it. So it was the TVmenu that caused it I'm afraid.

I may be the only one but perhaps that's because I am the only one to do what I did. And here's what I did in more detail. Installed to random folder on drive C, had a look at the files and then copied them to my rFactor root folder. If what you say is true about TVmenu not modifying the registry then this should not be a problem. After doing that rF would not start and so I uninstalled TVmenu. Still won't start and on my media drive it's still not starting. Backing up and formatting my media drive will take the better part of three days but luckily it needs doing anyway.

I'm sure you program is great and I'll probably try to use it again but you really must put some kind of a warning about not installing it in the rFactor folder. Ideally you ought to fix my problem just in case someone else does it because this should not be a problem if it's simply new files. But it's obviously not just new files because it's done something to my PC. It seems to be related to Trymedia somehow. Perhaps it alters cookies ..

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#12 Dinix


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Inviato 28 febbraio 2008 - 12:12

I tried tonight (TV-STYLE in Drive D and S.O in C) without problems.
I'm sure that TV style doesn't change registry value, especially the Trymedia folder.

#13 CBFR



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Inviato 28 febbraio 2008 - 02:19

Well perhaps it was a freakish error, that's all I can put it down to. My OS was a year old exactly and it can start to error after a while. I'll try your addon again on my newly reformated media drive and let you know how I get on with it.

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